JOB TITLE:   Bus Driver                                                                                   


REPORTS TO:  Transportation Director                                       


DEPT. /SCHOOL:  Transportation                                                 


WAGE/HOUR STATUS: Non-Exempt                                                            


DATE REVISED: 4/5/2018




A bus driver is responsible for safely driving students to and from school on a schedule assigned by the director of transportation.  A bus driver is responsible for being at work on time every day.





Special Knowledge/Skills:





  1. Check mailbox before each run for messages. When Operations receives information that a student is or is not going to school, they will make note of message and leave on key ring or notify driver by radio. In the event the driver receives similar information; whether from school, parent or radio, etc. it is the responsibility of the driver to advise Office Staff.
  2. Responsible for necessary record keeping functions in conjunction with local and state reporting.
  3. Responsible for the safe transportation of students to and from school.
  4. Observe all traffic laws and safety regulations for the operation of school buses.
  5. Responsible for preventive care of their assigned bus. Keep assigned bus clean and fueled.
  6. Maintain current route maps and folders. It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain current folder schedule time and have all changes approved by the supervisor.
  7. Complying with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to assure student records, behavior and readership confidentiality.
  8. Student medication is NOT to be transported on the bus.
  9. Maintain appropriate student management environment and report student incidents to appropriate administrators.
  10. To communicate with the schools, public, and students in such a manner as to encourage their cooperation and respect.
  11. Required to use First Aide/Bio-Kit and may be exposed to bodily fluids and other contagions.
  12. To identify by name all of the students who ride the bus.
  13. Maintain up-to-date seating charts for all runs and submit updated copies to Operations.
  14. Follow the assigned route and adhere to established schedules.
  15. Complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections before and after each run and submit work orders for needed repairs. Properly operate communication equipment.
  16. Demonstrate bus evacuation to students on bus.
  17. Report all accidents, vehicle damage, and student injuries, and complete required reports.
  18. Be aware of all student’s disabilities and special needs if needed. Any medical problems experienced by the students while being transported, must be reported by the driver and/or monitor to the Office Staff.  Followed up with a written report.
  19. Drive bus on extracurricular activities as needed.
  20. Physically access and operate all emergency equipment and emergency exits, including front, rear, and side emergency doors, roof hatches, and emergency windows.
  21. Be readily able to immediately assist passengers regardless of location in the bus.
  22. Be able to evacuate the bus from any emergency exit safely and in a timely manner.
  23. Safely fit behind the steering wheel of all SISD school buses without obstructing the movement of the steering wheel.
  24. Regular attendance.
  25. Demonstrates ability to adjust to different assignments daily.
  26. Demonstrates ability to adjust to different student population daily.
  27. Demonstrates the ability to work with Campuses.
  28. Other duties as assigned by the Operations Supervisor.






School bus, safety equipment (flares, reflective signs) fire extinguisher.




Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environment Factors:

Possess mental maturity and emotional stability to operate vehicle safely with distractions from sometimes loud and boisterous students.

Maintain emotional control under stress.  Occasional district travel; occasional prolonged and irregular hours. Walking - move about on foot.  Carrying - transporting an object by hand.  Crouching - bending the body downward and forward by bending the knees and spine.  Climbing - ascending and descending the stairs.  Lifting - able to lift 25 - 60 lbs.  Kneeling - bending legs at the knees to come to rest on the knees.  Pulling - able to exert force upon an object so the object moves toward the force (including jerking).  Pushing - exerting force upon an object so the object moves away from the force.  Reaching - ability to extend hands and arms in any direction.  Bending - ability to move at the waist downward and upward with reasonable mobility.  Required to use a Bio-Kit and may be exposed to bodily fluids and other contagions.  Exposure to extreme weather conditions and fluctuations in temperature.